Communication Skills For Engineers w/ Dagna Bieda

Dagna is the CEO & Founder of "Been In Your Shoes" Coaching. She is an Engineer turned Career Coach. She makes her clients realize that improving their soft (but essential) skills and shifting their perspective can result in a more fulfilling career with more $$$ that they deserve.

Dagna helps Engineers in Tech get recognized, move up and move on. This she does by helping them LEVEL UP in their career by getting crystal clear on their personal definition of "fulfillment," the gaps in their skills and mindset, strategically planning their next steps, and shifting their Engineering Mindset for success.

Dagna's clients have various backgrounds - their experience ranges anywhere from 2-20 years of experience, and education ranging from self-taught, through career-changing Bootcamp grads, to college grads, and even PhDs, some with a military background; working at anywhere from small companies to FAANG+.

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Communication Skills For Engineers w/ Dagna Bieda
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