Stress In The Workplace w/ Dr. Frank Douglas, Ph.D.

How do you use the Reframe Method in order to solve problems?

Meet Dr. Frank Douglas, Ph.D.

Dr. Douglas is the CEO of Safe Haven Dialogues. He is also the Author of Until You Walk in My Shoes: A Reframing Methodology to Overcome Systemic Discrimination, Originator of the Equity, Inclusion, and Individual Engagement Principle, Former Pharmaceutical Executive and Board Member.

Dr. Douglas is a seasoned problem-solver who helps employers, employees and students who are dealing with issues of discrimination.

He can help because he has successfully dealt with and thrived ultimately becoming the first Black Member of the Board of Management and EVP responsible for Research, Development and Regulatory Affairs of a top global pharmaceutical company.

His Reframe Process helps people find productive solutions to episodes of discrimination.

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"Until You Walk In My Shoes" by Dr. Frank Douglas, Ph.D. on Amazon

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Stress In The Workplace w/ Dr. Frank Douglas, Ph.D.
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