Build Your Personal Brand w/ Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr

How do you create a profitable personal brand?

Meet Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr!

Tonya Eberhart is the Founder and CEO of BrandFace, LLC, a personal branding company focused on helping coaches, consultants, and other experts become sought after authorities in their industry. She is also a speaker, podcaster, and international bestselling author.

After building her own personal brand, Tonya became a sought after expert known for positioning and presenting her clients uniquely across multiple marketing platforms.

Michael Carr is currently the Co-Founder and COO of BrandFace, LLC. He is also a real estate branding expert and international bestselling author. He is recognized as the Abundant Life Broker® for his commitment to helping others succeed as he has, and inspiring them to live their most abundant life.

Michael co-authored two personal branding books with Tonya, both of which became international bestsellers on Amazon. Today, Michael and Tonya lead a global team of personal branding professionals who provide The Most Comprehensive Personal Brand Building System Across The Globe, teaching coaches, consultants, and other experts the same principles he has used to become a recognizable personal brand.

Tonya and Michael are known for being:
  • Creators of the most comprehensive personal brand building system across the globe
  • Packaging and presenting authentic brands that turn purpose into profit
  • Specializing in Coaches, Creators & Experts who deserve to charge what they’re worth
  • Bestselling authors on personal branding and hosts of the Be BOLD Branding podcast
  • Appeared 200+ times as expert guests & authorities on the subject of personal branding
  • Recognized for their Define, Develop & Display formula for profitable personal branding
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Build Your Personal Brand w/ Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr
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