Conflict Resolution and Anger Management w/ Dr. Gina Simmonds Schneider

How do you de-escalate conflct?

Meet Gina Simmonds Schneider, Ph.D.!

Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider is a licensed psychotherapist, award-winning blogger, certified coach, and corporate trainer. She is the author of Frazzlebrain: Break Free from Anxiety, Anger, and Stress Using Advanced Discoveries in Neuropsychology (Central Recovery Press, March 2022). Simmons Schneider serves as co-director of Schneider Counseling and Corporate Solutions, with more than 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples, families, and organizations manage anxiety, anger, stress, and conflicts.

Simmons Schneider writes for Psychology Today, was a regular contributor to Women In Crime, Ink, dubbed by the Wall Street Journal “A blog worth reading,” and Forbes’ blog “Crime, She Writes,” sharing psychology research on crime and media issues. Simmons Schneider guest blogs for other popular sites, including The Feisty Writer, Breaking the Cycles, and Blog Talk Radio programs including Sandra Brown’s Safe Relationship Magazine.

On this episode, Dr. Gina shares strategies on how to deescalate workplace conflict, manage anger and communication skills to resolve conflict.

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Conflict Resolution and Anger Management w/ Dr. Gina Simmonds Schneider
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