Launch and Grow Your Own Podcast w/ Alesia Galati

How do you launch a podcast? How do you know what to talk about?

Meet Alesia Galati!

Alesia is the Founder of Galati Media, who takes the overwhelm out of starting your own podcast. Her mission is to help her clients create messages that make a difference.

Alesia is a Podcast Strategist & Host of Top 100 Marketing Podcast - Listeners to Leads. Her focus is to help impact-driven brands launch strategic podcasts that engage their audience and bring in leads.

Galati Media knows podcasting inside and out. They are the expert in launching and managing successful podcasts, so you don’t have to!

They give you the confidence and strategy you need to bring in leads, land speaking gigs, and deeply connect with your listeners.

Their goal is to turn your listeners into leads, collaborations, connections, and raving fans!

Key Points:
- deciding on a podcast launch strategy
- market research on targeted listeners
- identifying your niche
- turning your listeners into leads
- getting listeners to understand how you help them
- why downloads are not the focus
- various factors that go into monetization

...and so much more!

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Launch and Grow Your Own Podcast w/ Alesia Galati
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