How to Develop Executive Presence w/ Katherine Lazaruk

How does executive presence affect leadership performance?

Meet Katherine Lazaruk!

Katherine is the Founder and President of Lazaruk Consulting Inc. whose mission is gender parity, one leader at a time. She helps leaders and their teams walk the walk, talk the talk and look the part. Katherine focuses on corporate consultation and coaching, virtual professional presence, professional brand development, presentation and communication skills. 

As a Certified Leadership Coach, Katherine is an expert in getting the issues on the table and helping groups navigate their personal concerns as well as those of the group. She helps high-performing teams leverage their professional presence to solve their relational concerns as a team. She works with high performers, Directors, and Senior Executives who want to make sure their leadership vision is powerfully presented and understood. 

In this episode, Katherine shares with our listeners the criteria for having executive presence and what it takes to develop it. She has spent nearly 25 years exploring personal growth, self-awareness, and self-acceptance and brings that knowledge to her executive leadership clients. Taking a non-directive coach approach to performance evaluation and management lets companies encourage and motivate their people with radical personal responsibility and ownership, not hierarchical direction.

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How to Develop Executive Presence w/ Katherine Lazaruk
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