Effective Leadership Strategies w/ Julian Chapman

How do leaders effectively implement the strategy of the organization?

Meet Julian Chapman!

Julian is the President of Forrest & Company, a Leadership Expert and Author of the bestseller, "The Managerial Leadership Journey". His organization helps create great places to work that achieve the strategy of the organization. They do this by helping clients to articulate their Strategy, define the structure to deliver that Strategy, and then develop the leaders to enable the achievement of the Strategy.

Julian has over 3 decades of experience engaging teams and organizations, from small groups to thousands of employees, building their leadership capability. His leadership knowledge is augmented by his 30+ year "second" career as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces from which he retired in 2014 at the rank of Brigadier-General.
Known as a pioneer of thinking in the workplace, Julian helps teams solve problems through effective thinking. His thoughts on leadership, organizational development, and accountability have been published in HR Reporter Magazine, CPA Bottom Line Newspaper, and HR Professional magazine.

(00:00) Every employee should give their manager their best advice
(02:37) This month we have a special leadership series where every guest will be a leader
(04:22) Leadership training is one of the key things that the military teaches
(08:02) Communication 101 seems to have been lost out there in our world today
(13:37) Managerial leadership brings together both management and leadership
(15:19) Managerial leadership is a profession unto itself
(18:25) The book is about managerial leadership journey and unconventional business pursuit
(20:21) Delegation is one of the biggest challenges for most leaders
(26:16) The problems in organizations are not the employees, it's management
(29:21) Every employee should be accountable for giving their manager their best advice
(34:30) Professional managerial leader has to get really good at communication

Connect with Julian:
Website: https://www.forrestandco.com
Buy the book: https://www.managerialleadershipjourney.com

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Effective Leadership Strategies w/ Julian Chapman
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