Why Public Speaking Is Important w/ Kelly Charles-Collins

Why do we speak in public? What is the purpose of delivering those messages?

Meet Kelly Charles-Collins!

Kelly is a former attorney who practiced law for 29 years. She is a Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Author, Mentor and is on a mission to create inclusive cultures where every person & every voice matters.

Kelly believes that conversations change things and that open hearts, change minds; one convo at a time. However, too often, managers and employees lack the skills to effectively listen, communicate, and ultimately lead -  which is bad for business.

Kelly works with organizations looking to cultivate safe, inclusive, and accountable cultures where every person & every voice matters. She also works with experts to position them to land corporate training contracts. As a speaker and trainer, she shows up and show out delivering engaging, enlightening, practical, and actionable programs that activate, shift, and transform.

As a trial attorney, Kelly honed her ability to analyze and synthesize information, actively listen, formulate and ask the right questions, and communicate effectively with people of all cultural and socio-economic levels. Her commitment to respect, equity, accountability, and women's empowerment guides her as she leverages her “Un”factor - the analytical skills of a seasoned lawyer and the heart of an advocate for change. As a skilled speaker, attorney, trainer, arbitrator, and mediator, she delivers solutions that activate, shift, and transform.

Listen as Kelly walks us through her journey of how the legal profession prepared her for a career in public speaking.

Key Points:
- Reverse-engineering your message for clarity and impact
- The importance of understanding your audience
- Techniques to overcome the fear of public speaking
- The distinction between preparing and memorizing a speech
- Strategies for ensuring lasting change post-corporate training
- Navigating unconscious bias and the bystander effect
- Tips for leaders on handling tough conversations effectively

...and so much more!

📋 Episode Chapters

(00:00) This podcast focuses on improving your communication skills both professionally and personally
(01:02) Eric Girard is your leadership coach and host of Unlocked podcast
(01:52) Steve Girard focuses on helping new managers make transition from individual contributors to people managers
(02:34) When you were in Silicon Valley, you were doing the management development
(06:48) When talking about coaching and feedback, do leaders think in the managers they coach
(13:06) Your book is called lead like a pro, the essential guide for new managers
(14:14) As a new manager, you need to build your empathy muscles
(17:23) The second piece is about making a mindful transition from individual contributor to manager
(19:42) Should you get a mentor within the organization you're in or somebody external
(25:41) This podcast is all about new managers and how to help them
(27:32) Eric Girard offers advice to new managers on how to deal with difficult situations
(28:47) The speaking and communicating podcast is part of the b podcast network

Connect with Kelly:
Website: https://kellycharlescollins.com
Website: www.oppspeakerplaybook.com
Website: www.getknownandpaid.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellycharlescollins/
TEDx Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_charles_collins_the_bystander_effect_why_some_people_act_and_others_don_t

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Why Public Speaking Is Important w/ Kelly Charles-Collins
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